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    發佈:2022/01/07 15:16:10

    Effects of Water Quench on Grain Refining and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Die-Casting Rims

    by Shueiwan H. Juang1*, Chien-Cheng Chen2

    摘 要

    鑄件浸水冷卻的最佳化時間為6 sec。本研究結果顯示鋁輪圈鑄件經浸水冷卻可有效提升鑄
    The die-casting process is divided into three stages, namely melting, melt filling, and
    ejecting. After ejection, the casting is sometimes immersed in water for fast cooling before the
    trimming operation to improve the stability of trimming process. This paper aims to study the
    effect castings on the quality being applied water soaking and to compare the mechanical
    properties and microstructures differences between water immersion cooled and natural air
    cooled. In addition, a commercial software is used to analyze the optimal time of castings by
    water immersion cooled. The die-castings used in this study are rims made of ADC10 aluminum
    alloy. After ejection the castings are cooled to the trimming temperature by either waterimmersion cooled or natural air cooled. Specimens for microstructure examination and tensile
    tests are then cut and machined from the rims. The results showed that the hardness of the rim
    using water immersion cooled is 15% higher than that of the natural air-cooled, and its tensile
    strength and elongation are 4% and 7% higher than that of the natural air-cooled. Results of the
    Secondary Dendrite Arm Spacing (SDAS) measurements revealed that the SDAS value of the
    water-cooled rim is 17% smaller than that of the natural air-cooled rim. In addition, the results of
    heat transfer analysis showed that the optimal immersion time for the rim casting is 6 sec. The
    results of this study showed that Al alloy rim castings by water immersion cooled can effectively
    improve the mechanical properties of the castings and the effect of grain refinement.
    Keywords: Die casting, water immersion cooled, mechanical properties, grain refinement,
    optimal water immersion time

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