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    發佈:2020/12/24 14:33:10

    許多高值化之精鑄產品,常因其結構複雜或孔穴間隙狹小而無法採用工具母機加工,因此須仰賴耐高溫熱衝擊之砂心技術來完成中空結構之鑄造製程。傳統砂心材料為模砂加上黏結劑或是黏土製造而成,由於高溫鐵水之熱化學反應,砂心最終形成硬脆組織、難以清除,需透過高溫鹼煮之化學侵蝕方能分解清理,此過程耗能、耗時、增加人物力成本,並造成環境汙染。本研究旨在開發一種水溶性砂心(Water-soluble cores, WSCs)材料配方與製作技術,除了結構能承受高熱衝擊外,透過水柱沖洗或浸泡之方式即可將鑄件內部之砂心移除。


    Many high-end industrial castings can’t be machined due to its complex structure or narrow gap, which need sand cores to be auxiliary forming during casting. Traditional core materials consist of sand and binder or clay. Due to the high-temperature thermal impact of molten flows, the sand core eventually forms hard and brittle tissue that cannot be removed. The decomposition of brittle core needs through high-temperature alkaline cooking for a long time. This process is time-consuming, increasing staffing costs and causing environmental pollution. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to develop a water-soluble cores (WSCs) material formula and manufacturing technology. In addition to the structure capable of withstanding the high thermal impact of molten iron, the sand core inside the casting can be removed by rinsing or soaking in the water jet.
    Keywords: water-soluble sand core, investment casting, inorganic salt

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